REBid allows the Real Estate Agent to increase their productivity without relinquishing any connection to their customer.

How REBid works for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, have you ever had a complaint from an unsuccessful bidder when the auction exceeded their price expectation? Or in a ‘best offers’ or ‘expressions of interest’ sale, when they didn’t know how much to offer in order to secure the property?

Have you ever been frustrated when a buyer didn’t believe you when you said you had other interest in the property – then said they would have offered more if they’d known?

So if you’ve ever thought the sale process could be more transparent, REBid could be the solution.

REBid is an online real estate sales platform that has been designed for use by real estate agents.

It’s an online Offer Management System enabling you to manage offers from initial enquiry through to final contract execution, and as an effective communication tool for both buyers and sellers.

REBid is supported by the Real Estate Institutes in Western Australia (REIWA) and South Australia (REISA).

Neville Pozzi, CEO of REIWA, said

“All industries need to embrace new technologies or they face the risk of digital disruption from outside. At REIWA we have partnered with REBid to offer an online solution that’s not only beneficial to our members, but also enhances the customer experience for the real estate buying public.”

Greg Troughton, CEO of REISA, said

“Best practice and professionalism are a major focus for our members, so we’ve partnered with REBid because the transparency of the online sales transaction enhances the integrity of the sales process.”

Both Pozzi and Troughton agreed REBid offered an alternative method of sale that would suit some, but not all, properties

“It’s always up to the agent, in consultation with the vendor, to choose the most appropriate method of sale for each property – REBid simply offers another option to choose from”

they said.

An overview of how REBid works is included under Process, and full details are included in the User Guide.

What does a real estate agent have to do to be able to use REBid?

To use REBid, all that a real estate agent has to do is agree to REBid's terms and conditions in the Terms of Use agreement. There is no upfront charge for this, and the terms and conditions are all very simple and straightforward – things like complying with real estate and privacy laws, and any applicable real estate best practice codes of conduct.

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